State of Ohio Recommending Chiropractic Care

Attorney General Mike DeWine, legislative leaders and chiropractors met on Tuesday March 20 to bring attention to pain management options, such as chiropractic care, that offer people an alternative to prescription drugs. In the midst of the ongoing opioid epidemic, it is now more important than ever to highlight treatments that are effective solutions for pain rather than pharmaceutical masks. The Ohio State Chiropractic Association’s Opioid Task Force has been working to expand their outreach and education efforts to the public and legislators are now working to support their efforts. “Opioids are the driving factor of unintentional drug overdoses within…


Post-concussion care

We all know the immediate reaction to witnessing a huge hit to the head: “Are you okay?! How many fingers am I holding up? Stay awake! Can you stand up?” We see it happen in football, cheerleading, soccer, at construction sites, or just slipping on the ice or falling down the stairs! Anyone, of all ages, can hit their head. Anyone, of all ages, can have a concussion. Most the time, we take immediate action to counteract pain and heal the injury. But what happens after a concussion takes place? What happens in the following days, months, and even years?…


Decrease Inflammation and Lose Weight!

Decrease Inflammation and Lose Weight! There’s a good chance you will relate to SOMETHING in the following list: chronic fatigue, yo-yo dieting, weight gain, bloating, fuzzy thinking, a “blah” mentality, joint pain, irritability….just to name a few.  Sound familiar? It will, to most people.  In fact, to many, it sounds normal. But it doesn’t have to be YOUR normal.  You can actually live fully whole and present, clear and energized, in a healthy state of well being where your weight naturally regulates on its’ own.  If you find yourself on the frustrating cycle above, chances are you are missing a…


Posture and Back Pain

Have you ever been going about your life, minding your own business, in full health, when all the sudden you bend over/rotate sideways/wake up/sit down/stand up and you’re hit with aching, sharp, or even excruciating back pain? You’re thinking, “What the heck? I didn’t even do anything!” Well, actually, you did.  You may not have had a traumatic injury in that moment, but if you played sports, climbed trees, had a car accident…basically lived a normal human life that includes some type of impact, your body responds. But let’s say you somehow lived in a bubble most your life and…


Sports Concussions & Return to Play Assessments:

Are they necessary? Are they enough? Concussion symptoms and return-to-play assessments are now a part of basic training for youth soccer, football, and other contact sport coaches at all levels of play. Since this is a fairly new concept, many parents wonder if the new protocols are necessary or if they are overly cautious. So, let me make it clear first, that the precautions are very necessary, the testing is necessary, and rest periods are necessary for anyone who has suffered a concussion. As we continue to understand more about the kind of damage suffered during a concussion, it is…


Neurofeedback Series: F1, F2 and ADD / ADHD

When using Neurofeedback to train brain cells to work more efficiently, one area that we often train for more optimum function is the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is where the decisions for action are made whereas the parietal, temporal and occipital lobes are where the information is received from our bodies and environment. All the information received is sent to the frontal lobes where the decisions about action are to be made. Some areas in the frontal lobe have been linked to different aspects of the decision making process. For example, F1, found in the left frontal lobe is…


VA’s “Concussion Coach” Not Just For Vets

VA’s “Concussion Coach” App Is a Good Tool for Just About Everyone The Veterans Administration just launched a new app that everyone should check into – yes, everyone. If you are or know someone who participates in any sport (especially contact sports), download “Concussion Coach.” Recent statistics show that 4 to 5 million concussions occur annually, with rising numbers among middle school athletes. An estimated 5.3 million Americans live with a traumatic brain injury-related disability (CDC). Concussion Coach provides a good definition of concussions, symptoms, and general advice – and the app is free! However, the most important information in…


Nutrition and Your Health

Nutrition and Your Health It’s no secret, nutrition and proper eating is essential to maintaining optimal health. You’ve probably heard, “You are what you eat,” and it’s very true! As a certified clinical nutritionist, Dr. Jeffrey Hudson can help evaluate your current lifestyle and eating habits and make recommendations so that you function at your best. It all begins with a personal health analysis. Personal Health Analysis A personal health analysis performed by a Science Based Nutrition trained health professional gives you a starting point to determine the causes of any pain and health issues you may be experiencing. In…

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