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Sports Concussions & Return to Play Assessments:

Are they necessary? Are they enough? Concussion symptoms and return-to-play assessments are now a part of basic training for youth soccer, football, and other contact sport coaches at all levels of play. Since this is a fairly new concept, many parents wonder if the new protocols are necessary or if they are overly cautious. So, let me make it clear first, that the precautions are very necessary, the testing is necessary, and rest periods are necessary for anyone who has suffered a concussion. As we continue to understand more about the kind of damage suffered during a concussion, it is…


VA’s “Concussion Coach” Not Just For Vets

VA’s “Concussion Coach” App Is a Good Tool for Just About Everyone The Veterans Administration just launched a new app that everyone should check into – yes, everyone. If you are or know someone who participates in any sport (especially contact sports), download “Concussion Coach.” Recent statistics show that 4 to 5 million concussions occur annually, with rising numbers among middle school athletes. An estimated 5.3 million Americans live with a traumatic brain injury-related disability (CDC). Concussion Coach provides a good definition of concussions, symptoms, and general advice – and the app is free! However, the most important information in…

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