cervicaltractionDr. Hudson has been a chiropractor for more than 32 years. Chiropractic has evolved as a science in that amount of time!

Years back, chiropractic basically dealt with the musculoskeletal part of the body. The spine is made up of many vertebrae, and these vertebrae can get out of position with the wear and tear of life. These unaligned vertebrae, called subluxations causes biomechanical disfunction, which results in pain and inflamation to the soft tissues of the spine. It causes a distortion of the spinal discs, which can compress the nervous system and cause pain.

If allowed to remain uncorrected, not only will these subluxations cause pain, they can allow degeneration to develop in the neighboring vertebrae. Basic chiropractic is to make a physical adjustment to the vertebras out of alignment, and to relieve the pain and pressure caused by the subluxation.

About fifteen years ago, Rehabilitative Care (Pettibon Rehabilitative Care) emerged on the scene. Rehabilitative Care goes beyond the subluxation and aims to restore the entire spine. This is a huge improvement to the science of chiropractic. No longer is the goal simply to relieve pain, but to restore proper curvatures. This system involves such therapies as cervical traction, wobble chairs and weighting.

As Rehabilitative Care emerged, Dr. Hudson was so impressed with the changes, that he equipped his office with all new equipment. This included a new x-ray system, and all the various pieces of therapy equipment. With the new x-ray techniques, Dr. Hudson is able to measure specific angles and degrees of curvature. As a patient progresses through rehab therapy, x-rays will be able to show precise degrees of improvement as the spine re-conforms to its intended curvatures.

The cutting edge of chiropractic has now expanded more fully into the neurological system of the body, which includes the brain, the eyes and the nerves of the body. The study of this neurological component is called Functional Neurology. Now the neurological causes of distortion and imbalance can be treated! Dr. Hudson is equipped with balance plates, VNG testing (high-tech eye exam that tests the ability to follow and maintain an optical target), and four years of neurological studies to interpret the results of testing and apply the proper functions to increase brain plasticity (its ability to form new pathways) and restore function and balance.


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