Functional Neurology

hudson_010614-0143Functional neurology is an approach to help restore neurological impairments and a healthy nervous system. It is non-invasive brain stimulation.

Functional neurology uses the understanding that the nervous system is always receiving information, taking it in, and encoding that information in the brain. The basic cells of the nervous system, called neurons, takes this information and converts it into action – which helps us to navigate our environment. The nervous system utilizes numerous intake and output pathways to do this.

Someone practicing functional neurology has an in-depth understanding of those pathways of the brain, and how to test them to determine weaknesses or abnormalities in how that pathway communicates with the rest of the nervous system.

Functional neurology helps people with neurological disorders, such as those with concussions, head injuries, and other conditions previously considered untreatable. It offers a unique, non-chemical method of treatment to restore the connections between neurons. Like the living wires of the body, the neuron pathways can be taught to restore brain plasticity through functions or exercises specific to the need.


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