What to Expect Your First Visit

Initial Consultation with a Functional Neurologist

Dr. Hudson’s first goal is to be thorough and precise in identifying the areas of your nervous system that are not working properly. This will form the foundation for a treatment plan that is best suited for your condition and your health goals.

What We Need To Know

We will ask you about your history and overall current health. This will include a description of:

  • your symptoms
  • your medical history & your family medical history
  • your diet and exercise habits
  • your daily activity, sleep habits, work routine, stress level and home life
  • what you have done to manage your condition
  • medications and supplements you take
  • illnesses and traumas you have experienced
  • surgeries, hospitalizations and medical procedures you have had


Neurological Exam

Before you see Dr. Hudson, we will ask you to fill out an extensive neurological questionnaire. Once he reviews the questionnaire, Dr. Hudson will then perform an exam that focuses on your nervous system and how it relates to the rest of your body. Please wear comfortable clothes for your visit (or plan to change into a gown.)

Your exam will consist of:

  • a blood pressure, pulse and breathing check
  • reflexes, strength and sensations testing
  • posture and balance assessments
  • analyze how your body moves
  • eye movement evaluation


From the information he collects, Dr. Hudson will determine if a Functional Neurology treatment is right for you.


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