Functional Neurology Treatment Methods

Your functional neurology treatment plan is tailored to the specific needs Dr. Hudson finds during your initial consultation and exam.  Dr. Hudson uses a wide variety of methods to stimulate your nervous system and improve its function.  He also has top of the line brain training equipment such as the  Interactive Metronome and D2-Dynavision.

Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome is a training tool that measures and improves Neurotiming, which is the synchronization  of neural impulses within key brain networks for cognitive, communicative, sensory and motor performance.  By hitting a trigger in time with a steady auditory beat, an individual is given visual and auditory feedback to allow him or her to make immediate corrections to continually improving timing and rhythm over the course of the training.  According to IM research, improving Neurotiming may result in better function in the following areas:

  • Attention
  • Processing Speed
  • Working Memory
  • Expressive and Receptive Language
  • Reading Comprehension, Rate and Fluency
  • Mathematics
  • Motor Coordination
  • Athletic Performance
  • Self Regulation


Precise timing is responsible for a stellar athletic performance, or a group of musicians making a perfect melody or it can even be the key to a funny punch line. Timing is responsible for a person being able to walk without falling or speaking without stuttering. Timing is what allows us to focus, process language, keep our balance and have smooth gait, play a sport, and even read. Timing is responsible for the synchronous communication of our brains’ network system that connects cognitive processes and physical movement. Therefore, the ability to have accurate Neurotiming is one of the most critical factors in human performance.





The D2 is used to evaluate and train visual, cognitive, and motor function across all ages, stages, and conditions.  The D2 is utilized in clinical rehabilitation to address underlying visual, cognitive and motor deficits including visual-motor reaction time, peripheral visual awareness, executive functions, active range-of-motion and dynamic balance.  Function and performance improve as new skills develop and improve.

The Dynavision D2 is a highly effective sports training tool that helps athletes improve their reaction time, visual awareness and hand-eye coordination.  It is an interactive light board that uses 64 3D targets to train a broad range of skills and it is widely used by professional athletes around the world who are looking to improve their performance.  This leading sports training and neuro-cognitive rehabilitation device is know to improve users’ peripheral perception and awareness, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, balance, cognitive processing ability, neuro-cognitive abilities, gross motor skills, and functional mobility.





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